How to keep your business secure offline

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Company data breaches are most commonly thought of as happening online. Yet, while the majority of cybercrime does occur online, it is important to consider the security of your company data offline too. With the move to remote working practices, the need for offline security has become a necessity. Company data now needs to be protected off-line on mobile devices and laptops while, at the same time, documents and data still need to be accessible remotely.

Digital safeguards

With the move to remote working, digital safeguards and encryption have become vital, both on and offline.

Disk encryption

When highly sensitive information, such as customer information, is handled with a mobile device, laptop or desktop computer, data security becomes paramount. There are various ways to mitigate this security risk, but one particularly powerful tool is full disk encryption.

Full disk encryption is a data protection method that transforms information in a storage medium into a format that can be only understood by people or systems who are allowed to access the information. For data that can be easily stolen on mobiles or laptops, this level of encryption can save companies from costly data breaches.

Encrypted cloud services

With the move to software-as-a-service (SAAS) cloud subscription models, security measures have needed to follow suit and adapt quickly to new threats. When choosing a cloud-based service, it is important to consider your business’s security and compliance needs alongside what each service can offer. 

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Online has become a popular SAAS tool both before and during the pandemic. Its ability to house and allow access to documents anywhere on and offline has become integral for businesses working remotely.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a secure cloud service that enables mobile device and application management. From a security perspective, Intune can let you manage how devices are used and enforce policies that allow you to control applications. Applications can be remotely deployed or removed making department needs easier to administer. Mobile device management also means that devices can be easily erased should the be lost or stolen.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is a great option for business’s looking for a package of integrated Microsoft services with a host of security features. Enterprise Mobility Suite safeguards data on all devices without affecting personal data or requiring device enrolment, making this a flexible and cost-effective option.


While there are many other cloud services available to businesses, it is effective integration that will make for the most secure. The advantage of Microsoft SharePoint and Intune is their ability to integrate will with Office 365, Teams and Azure while still providing the same levels of encryption. Together these services can create a very functional and secure IT environment for businesses, both on and offline.

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