Is your internet service resilient?


Dropouts and downtimes in internet connection can be a real headache for businesses. As reliance on digital and cloud-based technology has grown, so has the need for reliable and resilient business internet connections. However, this is far from the case for many businesses that are still reliant on business broadband. Even those businesses that have adopted superfast fibre Ethernet for their heavy data applications, such as hosted voice, video conferencing and cloud solutions, could find themselves in a difficult and costly position if their single-line solution fails. This is where Ro2 comes in.

Resilience Option Two (Ro2)

For businesses looking for fast and reliable internet service, Ro2 is an excellent solution. Ro2 works by providing your business with two separately routed Ethernet circuits. While both will be through the same service provider, they will be separately routed to different data centres, meaning that if there is a dropout in one, the other will take over.

This can be great peace of mind for businesses that require heavy and consistent data usage and robust contingency planning for downtime.

But what if I have a non-physical connection as backup?

Having a non-physical connection option available for your business is a good idea, but it is not robust enough to handle most contemporary data-heavy business activity alone. While many firms can temporarily operate at a reduced capacity using a Wi-Fi or a satellite connection, data-heavy services will suffer.

What are the key benefits of Ro2?

Ro2 has several benefits for businesses that require a consistent, resilient internet connection. These include:

  • Giving the highest degree of connectivity certainty.
  • Protection from unforeseen incidents, as no single cable, equipment, or nodal failure will prevent the use of both circuits.
  • Connecting both circuits through a single supplier guarantees that each circuit is diversified at every point.
  • Flexible use and a wide range of availability depending on your business scenario.
  • A range of options to suit different budgets and requirements.

If your business requires guaranteed bandwidth and consistency between upload and download speeds, it is well worth seeking specialist advice to find the right service and ensure your provider is aware of your requirements.

Working with an experienced IT service provider will allow you to explore the different options on the market and choose a tailored solution suitable for your budget and business needs.

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