Building your contact centre infrastructure for an great customer experience

contact centre infrastructure

Contact centres are the lynchpin for many businesses’ customer service needs and sales processes. Gone are the days when a call centre was simply a customer service representative at the end of the line. Now, customers expect a full suite of contact preferences that provide a quick, useful and efficient service.

For call centre management, this requires a heightened level of connectivity, not only with customers but between departments and business systems. This is why the contemporary call centre needs a fully integrated system with their CRM to help oversee their contact management, traceability, and processes.

Expanding your contact centre infrastructure

Integrating a multi-channel SaaS solution can greatly enhance a business’s contact centre telephony. The best options on the market will provide you with an innovative cloud-based solution to heighten your call centre’s customer experience (CX) and sales pipeline, joining up your customer contact routes, tracking and reporting through your CRM.

What are the key features of multi-channel technology:

  • Scalability – This type of tech offers a host of features that can be customised and scaled to the business and its budget.
  • Integration – These solutions can integrate well with Microsoft business systems, CRMs and telephony systems.
  • AI—AI technology is often integrated into these solutions to improve CX and sales through intuitive workflows, transcription, summarisation, and neutral voice options.
  • Traceability – Incorporation of an agent management system to improve CX and staff efficiency through multi-channel contact management, staff monitoring and full traceability.
  • Cost effective – These solutions are tried and tested and cost competitive. This is why multi-channel customer experience technology has been adopted by many organisations, from government departments to leading corporations.

If you are looking to expand your telephony solution to broaden the CX and traceability of your contact centre, it is well worth considering a multi-channel SaaS solution.

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