How our Helpdesk as a Service provision can benefit your IT firm

Helpdesk as a service

Covering all aspects of IT service and support is full on for any outsourced IT organisation as the reliance on IT grows for businesses. The requirements of a tailored IT offering to clients is becoming the norm. From infrastructure support, 24/7 system monitoring, VoIP, telephony and mobile solutions, to onsite and remote support, cyber security implementation and training – resourcing for all levels of IT support from a single firm is demanding.

Many IT firms offering a managed service to clients have their roots in specialist technical expertise or an industry specific skill which provides a competitive edge. But, once the clients are onboard, the highest risk of a service failure is way before the business can demonstrate their expertise and knowledge as the voice of the business resides with their first point of client contact, their first-line team. Today, the expectation is that IT helpdesk support will be available to the client during their core office hours, with any downtime costing companies dearly. The ability to offer a helpdesk service with skilled engineers that can solve problems or help fully diagnose the problem before passing it to second and third line engineers as part of your fully managed service makes for a very attractive offering to clients.

What do we think makes the difference for a helpdesk provision?

Customer focus, every time. Since SDT was established in 1994, we have focused on the customer being the priority, ensuring they are looked after and expectations are managed, making it the foundation of our IT services. This has led us to specialise in our first-line support services, something we are now offering to fellow IT firms as a white-labelled ‘Helpdesk as a Service’ package.

We feel there are key advantages we can bring to a partnering service with like-minded organisations and deliver smarter IT solutions:

Reducing fixed overheads

Maintaining a fully managed IT service offering is a balancing act on any IT firm’s resources and fixed overheads especially with the current recruitment and staff retention. By outsourcing your helpdesk provision to a specialist partner firm, you can maintain and upskill your existing in-house team to deliver second and third line support as well as projects whilst knowing that you have a secure and reliable delivery model for your first line support that will reduce your monthly overheads, provide reliability, sustainable and above all cost effective.

A consistent team without the resourcing challenge

As a contracted specialist helpdesk service, we will be on hand to deliver support for as much or as little as is required to the client with a clear monthly fee structure so that you can also manage your budgets with confidence. Finding the right talent with exemplary customer service and IT skills has never been easy when it comes to the helpdesk. With us delivering this support, you don’t have to worry about recruitment, resourcing and training, we do all of that, leaving you time to focus on your IT delivery and growing your client base.

An integrated skilled team that can problem solve

Whilst we deliver a first line support team, our engineers are typically skilled to second line engineer level and above, which means they can help solve more complex problems on that initial call with clients. It’s important to ensure that our service delivery is in line with your processes and technology which is why we also make sure that a thorough on-boarding process is carried out at the beginning so that your clients experience a seamless service under your brand.

Find out more about our Helpdesk as a Service provision

We are always looking to create partnerships with IT service providers that are mutually beneficial. If you would like to speak to us about our Helpdesk as a Service provision, please contact Andrew Wayman at or call our office on +44 (0)1344 870062.