5 reasons to choose an outsourced managed IT service

5 reasons to choose an outsourced managed IT service

As technology has diversified and cyberthreats have increased, so too has the need for comprehensive IT support for every level of organisation. But the costs involved in maintaining an in-house IT presence and up-to-date tech are substantial for businesses. So too is the cost of a robust security infrastructure, which is increasingly becoming a compliance standard across sectors. It is no surprise then that many companies are seeing the advantages of an outsourced managed service provider (MSP) to fulfil these requirements. Here, we outline 5 key reasons choosing a managed IT service could be the best option for your business.

1. Cost-Effective

One of the top reasons why businesses opt for a managed IT service is the opportunity for cost saving. With staffing, hardware and ongoing maintenance, the costs of an in-house IT provision are significant and often inefficient.

The cost savings of an outsourced Managed IT service include:

  • Reduced capital investment costs in favour of ongoing operational costs.
  • Easier IT planning and budgeting across a business.
  • Avoidance of ‘just in case’ IT infrastructure spending through the ‘pay as you go’ MSP pricing model.
  • Reduced labour and training costs for permanent IT staff.

2. Access to the latest technology and specialist knowledge

New technology can often mean new problems for organisations, particularly small to medium sized businesses. Keeping up with the latest tech developments and retaining an IT team with enough expertise is a challenge for many businesses. Worse still, this can become an unwelcome distraction form the day-to-day operations of your business.

By outsourcing your systems to a managed IT service, you can get access to the latest technology, often with a ‘pay as you use’ model, while also having the peace of mind that it is always being managed by a team of specialists.

3. Scalability

A company’s technology requirements need to be able to evolve with the business. With the uncertainty enterprises have faced in the last 2 years, business owners will be reassured if their IT budgets can be scaled both up and down as needed. However, if your IT infrastructure is bound to long-term contracts and capital investments, scaling down can be a problem.

A MSP can provide a flexible package of IT services that can grow or contract in line with your business requirements.

4. Reduced downtime through increased support

A managed IT service takes a proactive approach to system maintenance. Through 24/7 remote monitoring and management, an MSP can identify, diagnose and troubleshoot potential problems before they develop, keeping your systems running properly.

Network downtime can cost a business dearly in lost revenue and credibility, which is why you will want to get back up and running as quickly as possible. An MSP will be on-hand for disaster recovery as soon as it happens. They are also well positioned to help you design, implement and manage a robust business continuity plan in line with your business needs and budget.

5. Improved security and data protection

The increase risk of cyber-attacks is something that all organisations of every size must plan for. The risks to client data and digital assets are very real. Added to this, data regulations and compliance are continually changing and can be difficult to maintain, putting your business at significant reputational and financial risk.

With a managed IT service provision, you know that your network is being continually monitored and that your security standards are compliant at every level of your IT infrastructure – from endpoints, gateways and in the cloud, both on-site and remotely – so your business and client data remains protected around the clock.

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