Making cyber security awareness part of your company culture

cyber security awareness

IT departments are having to do more with existing IT budgets to address the continual challenge of cyber security attacks and cyber fraud. There are lots of tools to heighten security and to protect data, but these are only as good as the people using them. IT departments can implement technology and advance processes to improve protection, but what about the employees?

Employees are known to pose the biggest risk when it comes to opening the door to cyber criminals and fraudsters. Whilst mistakes are inevitable, the impact of these innocent errors is increasing with growing consequences to the company’s finances and sales. The only way to help minimise this risk is to improve employee knowledge and awareness thus encouraging them to question things more, for example, if an email seems unusual; so that they better informed.

Resource challenge for security awareness training

Security awareness training is a significant task. In-house IT teams struggle to manage training of their colleagues in addition to their day-to-day activities and projects. Cyber threats are increasing in sophistication making it essential for employees to be vigilant. Technology is the answer to this problem. By automating and streamlining processes and training programs through AI (Artificial intelligence), users can be educated and build their awareness of the risks and vulnerabilities.

Web based training

Utilising a web based training service that is proactive in teaching employees about security threats, assesses their weaknesses and tailors training to align with business needs, has to be the answer.

As well as providing flexibility and mobility (now even more than before), web based training is a cost efficient option that is easy to use and has a proven process of delivery and training that achieves information retention.

What gets covered?

These types of training programmes cover a wide breadth of up to date topics including:

  • An employee’s role in security
  • Credit card security
  • CEO fraud
  • PCI Compliance overview
  • Common threat case studies
  • How to create strong passwords
  • GDPR
  • How to handle sensitive information
  • Mobile device security
  • Ransomware
  • How to browse the web safely

There are also interactive training modules, training videos and games as well as regular newsletter and documents that can be circulated to all employees in your company.

Basically, it helps to bridge the gap between employees and breaches by increasing their knowledge and keeping them mindful of the threats.

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