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Businesses need to follow tight margins in today’s economic landscape, which is why business efficiency needs to be a priority throughout an organisation. A lot has happened to the working practices of many companies over the last three years, most noticeably hybrid and remote working. With these factors in play, how can businesses optimise efficiency, check productivity and enhance working practices and wellness in their staff? Software such as ActivTrak may be the solution to building your business efficiency. Here, we look at what it has to offer an organisation and the approach it takes.

What is ActivTrak and how can it build business efficiency?

ActivTrak is an integrated monitoring solution that can help businesses to improve efficiency, productivity and staff satisfaction. It allows managers to gain a clear insight into their people, processes and technology, enabling them to make informed decisions for better outcomes.

ActivTrak achieves this on a number of levels, including being able to monitor:

  • Remote and in-office productivity
  • The potential for burnout and unhealthy working practices
  • Processes and technology usage for optimisation
  • Workloads and capacity to create balance between staff

ActivTrack is able to achieve this through integrating with a business’s key applications and data sources, meaning it can monitor technology and data usage to identify redundancies, which will help to streamline your business processes and outgoings.

Taking an ethical approach – personal privacy meets business efficiency

It is understandable that employees would be trepidatious about the instillation of monitoring software and the personal intrusion it may hail. Realising this, ActivTrak have changed the approach taken by other monitoring software. Their aim is to enhance visibility and transparency in a business’s operations without reducing privacy. For this reason, no keystroke logging, email monitoring, or surveillance tactics are used. Instead, it focuses on the collection of contextual data that enables managers to see the entire picture of the organisation and remain connected to staff working remotely without sacrificing trust.

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Understanding your business from the ground up

ActivTrak enables owners and managers to understand exactly how their company is operating from the small to the large details, so they can see what is working best and what needs improvement.

This analysis includes:

  • Identifying the most efficient working practices
  • Monitoring application use and reducing the cost of redundant software, data, apps and licences
  • Managing targets and deadlines by identifying peak hours, working habits and organising hybrid working accordingly
  • Recognising any gaps in knowledge, technology and compliance measures to help businesses adapt and grow
  • Improving company policies to support staff

Staff wellness and business efficiency

The wellness of a workforce can make or break a company. High staff turnover, absences and disengagement create a considerable cost for businesses. ActivTrak can help increase your employee’s health and wellness in a number of ways, with the ultimate aim of creating an engaged and proactive workforce.

These include:

  • Analysing working practices, patterns and workload
  • Identifying risky behaviour and potential burnout before it happens
  • Allowing for intervention opportunities for staff health, training needs and support
  • Improving management performance through better understanding

Ultimately, building your business’s efficiency through tracking can help to keep your organisation a cut above in a competitive market.

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