4 reasons to outsource your first-line IT support

reasons to outsource your first-line IT support

Keeping a business running smoothly means ensuring IT systems are operating effectively. But when it comes to providing first-line IT support for those systems, why should you think about using an outsourced service desk, rather than employing an in-house team?

Here are four good reasons:

1. A motivated first-line IT support team that always performs at its best

Any first-line IT support team needs to be fully engaged, highly motivated and technically knowledgeable to be able to deal with whatever issues are thrown at it. But as technology becomes ever more reliable, these kinds of teams are dealing with fewer technically challenging issues. Instead, their work often involves simple, everyday tasks such as renewing passwords or rebooting systems. These tasks may be vital to your business, but they’re not particularly inspiring for this team.

This is a common problem faced by in-house teams when trying to juggle the vital work with the latest projects and building the skill set of each team member. If they get itchy feet and want to move into more interesting work – they may look to outside the organisation. With an outsourced service, you have a dedicated resource that focuses on meeting your business needs whilst your in-house team can focus on the projects that are going to help drive the business forward.

2. Complementing your in-house team

Our outsourced team can concentrate on first-line support, using the same helpdesk platform and software and directed by your IT manager. This frees in-house teams to focus on more in-depth second and third-line support projects. So, they enjoy more exciting and interesting work, while our team handles the day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

With access to this outsourced technical expertise, your IT manager also has a talented resource available to cover for any member of the in-house team when they’re on holiday.

3. A flexible, proactive service

Our service structure means the levels of support can be turned up or down as you require. This flexible approach means you enjoy a level of service that can be tailored to meet business needs at any particular point in time.

Also, as a trusted, supportive partner to your business, we won’t simply wait for your users to call us with any problems. By proactively looking at trends and flagging them up straight away, we can find the root cause and fix any potential long-term issues before they have a major impact.

4. A cost-effective first-line IT support solution

Our flexible pricing model offers options to buy blocks of hours and you will only be charged for the hours used. This cost-effective approach results in savings on employee costs, with no reduction in the quality of service.

If you would like to find out more about our first line support and how we deliver this service, please contact Andrew Wayman at andrew.wayman@sdt.co.uk or call our office on +44 (0)1344 870062.