Why an outsourced IT service is the best move for your organisation

outsourced IT service

In the current economic landscape, organisations need to remain adaptable and competitive. This is why many companies are choosing to outsource aspect of their operations, including their IT support. In a recent study from PA Consulting it was revealed that 57% of UK businesses were looking to outsource their IT services in 2023. Here, we take a look at the key ways an outsourced IT service can give your organisation the advantage when it comes to cost-efficiency, cyber protection and keeping competitive.

Cost savings

Outsourced IT services are a cost-effective solution to IT management. The cost of implementing and maintaining an in-house IT team, hardware solutions and ongoing maintenance can be significant and out of reach for smaller businesses and public organisations.

A managed IT service provision can save costs in a number of areas, including:

  • Reducing labour and training costs required for permanent IT staff
  • Reducing capital investment costs in favour of ongoing operational costs
  • Avoiding ‘just in case’ IT infrastructure spending in favour of the ‘pay as you go’ MSP pricing model
  • Easier IT planning and budgeting across a business

Access to the latest technology

Outsourcing your IT systems to a managed service provider can give your organisation access to the latest technology without needing to pay out on permanent infrastructure. It is now common for companies to adopt a ‘pay as you use’ model with their MSP, meaning organisations can use a flexible package of IT services that can grow or contract alongside their business requirements.

Building a hybrid workforce

The expectation for flexible hybrid working has become the norm for many organisations, but this can be challenging to achieve through an in-house IT team alone. An outsourced IT service provision will give your staff access to experts through an easy-to-use helpdesk, no matter their location.

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Keeping your business protected and up and running

The increase risk of cyber-attacks is something that all organisations of every size must plan for, as they can cause significant reputational and financial risk. With a managed IT service this risk is reduced as your network can be continually monitored remotely with a SOC provision. With this, your systems will be updated and maintained in line with your organisation’s security standards and compliance requirements, so your client data remains protected 24/7.

Network downtime can also be costly for organisations, making getting your key systems back up and running a priority if a system failure occurs. The advantage of an MSP is that they will be on hand to identify, diagnose and troubleshoot potential problems before they develop. Your MSP can also help you to design, implement and manage a robust business continuity plan within your budget, giving you peace of mind that if the worst happens, you will be back up and running asap.

The opportunities that an outsourced IT service provides will continue to grow in the coming years as more organisations recognise its advantages. If you have been considering an outsourced IT service, now is the time to find out more so your organisation can remain competitive into the future.

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