Avoiding cyber attacks

Avoiding cyber attacks

– engaging your staff with training that works

For many organisations, training their own people to be cybersecurity aware is one of the most effective ways of protecting their business from cyber attacks. Why? Because the vast majority of cyber attacks come about through an employee inadvertently exposing security details that are then used by hackers and cyber criminals to compromise the company’s business.

Business critical

The potential damage to both a company’s business and reputation as a result of a cyber attack can be huge, so cyber security training for all employees is essential. In many cases, in-house IT teams have the knowledge to deliver this kind of training, but they often lack the resources. It can be a time-consuming exercise that diverts them away from their day-to-day business projects, so it’s often put to the back of the queue.

The problem is that cyber security training is becoming increasingly business critical for many organisations. For example, with the introduction of the UK lockdown in March 2020 and the increase in remote working across large parts of the UK economy, the risk of cyber attack increased enormously. In fact, between April and June 2020, UK businesses each faced an attempted cyber attack every 46 seconds, according to Beaming, a specialist business ISP – a 20% rise on the same period in 2019.

This level of risk makes cyber security training even more important for all businesses. At SDT, we believe that the best way for employees to understand the potential scale of cyber threats and how to avoid becoming a victim is by involving them in practical, highly engaging and cost-effective online training.

Tailored training

One of the key elements of our online training is a safe, live exercise that enables you to understand where there are security gaps in your organisation. This involves sending your employees a fake phishing email that asks them to click on a link. By tracking their responses and developing a report on the outcomes, we can give you a clear picture of where there are gaps in your people’s security awareness and tailor our training to cover those areas.

The online cyber security training itself guides your employees through different scenarios and helps them to understand what to look out for in terms of potential threats. It can cover a range of different topics and can use a variety of different tools, from videos and games to online tests.

By involving employees in practical exercises, it provides them with an engaging experience and takes them on a journey, so they build their understanding of how to behave securely online.

A cost-effective solution

Our online approach to cyber security training educates you in the areas that need strengthening, engages your employees with practical exercises that help their learning and is highly cost-effective. In fact, it can start from as little as the price of a cup of coffee a day.

Contact us to find out more about our range of cyber security training and how we can help your organisation to educate your employees.

Avoiding cyber attacks – engaging your staff with training that works