IT services – have you considered a hybrid approach?

Our service model has always been focused on the client and ensuring their IT supports their business plans. This has been even more important over the last year and we are finding that our client base is growing through our hybrid and flexible approach that delivers an agile and transparent service.


Delivering a seamless service that provides the option of either a complete managed IT service, or a hybrid model that is as an extension to the existing in-house IT function is key for businesses in the new working environment.

For IT teams, we know that the last year was focused on:


•  Making sure that all employees could work remotely

•  Sourcing hardware and software to achieve this

•  Ensuring that security was in place with the new environment

•  Closely monitoring security due to the increase in attacks


A cost effective and flexible approach to IT support?

We believe that IT teams need a flexible service, whether that is a full managed service or part, that works with them whilst the new way of working remains unsettled. The demand on IT continues to grow whilst the exact details of working practice can radically change based on Government guidelines.


No one can predict exactly what will happen next. Our service model reflects this and is not only tailored to each clients exact requirements, but can also rapidly evolve to support change.


IT support services

Delivering a tailored package to meet your exact needs. We deliver:

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Flexible outsourced IT services to meet precise business requirements

Highly skilled and accredited support team 

Proactive advice to ensure that the IT provides the right level of service to your business

IT service desk, 2nd and 3rd line support

On-site and remote support services

VoIP and mobile telephony

Cyber security, threat management & awareness training

  • Networking and security

Disaster recovery planning and testing

Independent IT audit and review

Business continuity planning and testing

Proactive monitoring and maintenance


Our delivery

Flexible Services

We provide scalable solutions that can evolve with our client’s ever-changing business requirements. We grow with our clients, make sure their IT best supports their business, within the budgets available. We are all about maximising value.

Agile Delivery

We continually evolve and create efficiencies in our workplace. We pass on these benefits to our clients; whether that be new technologies or new ways of working. Our way of working means that we can respond to market and client changes quickly or make change proactively.

Project Ownership

When we are engaged for any project or retained service, we take responsibility for what we are delivering. By providing businesses with the appropriate tools and services, we help them to improve efficiency, embrace new technologies, minimise risks, increase security and reduce costs; all of which contribute to enhancing business growth.

“The key outcome from our long-standing relationship with SDT is the reliability they provide so that we do not have to worry. The service is  provided at a fair price with many value-added services that ensure we have the right solution to satisfy all our IT business requirements. If we have a problem SDT will take full ownership until it is fixed.”


Divisional Managing Director, Logistics Company, Slough.

Would you like to know more about SDT?

We'd also like to understand more about your business and where you feel we can add value

At SDT, we make it our business, to understand your business, and ensure that the services we deliver add value. Aligning IT to your business needs, empowering your employees and adding value is where we excel.

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We specialise in providing individual solutions tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

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