Cyber attacks have increased by 600% in recent months. How vulnerable are your employees?

In fact, 52% of businesses admit that employees are their biggest weakness in IT security, with their careless actions putting business IT security strategy at risk. (Source: Kaspersky).


We are not talking about people deliberately sabotaging the business, but unintentional human error.

Whether that is downloading something they shouldn’t, giving their passwords away, sending confidential information to the wrong people or even making a payment to what they think is a supplier or client, but is actually a cybercriminal; all are common accidents with more serious consequences.


A simple yet effective solution


We believe that keeping these ‘tricks’ in the mindset of your employees is the most effective way of mitigating this risk.


As a solution, we have a cost efficient, digital cyber security training platform to support your employees – perfect when you need the flexibility with so many home working for the foreseeable future. We can set the platform up to help you achieve your security awareness training goals through Phishing and training your employees to protect your organisation.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our mission


To provide businesses with the capability to mitigate cyber security risks.


Contact us and we will run a free test to assess how many of your employees are prone to phishing. 

Looking for more?

SDT tailored cyber security support for your business
Cyber Security for businesses

With the new norm of remote working, businesses are also increasing cyber security efforts. Our wider cyber security offering covers the basics that any business should have

At SDT, we make it our business, to understand your business, and ensure that the services we deliver add value. Aligning IT to your business needs, empowering your employees and adding value is where we excel.

• Cyber security employee awareness training
• Enhanced web filtering and protection
• PC/Mac Anti-Virus
• Advance threat protection for email filtering and spam protection
• O365 tools to detect attacks coming from internal & external sources
• Back up tools for cloud based products
• Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)



We specialise in providing individual solutions tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

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