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What would you do if a security threat hit your business?

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In recent years’ antivirus and security technologies have become increasingly sophisticated and made it much harder for hackers to generate revenue streams via traditional credit card scams. However, cyber-crime doesn’t sleep and hackers have now turned their attention to a new type of attack that holds your precious company data at ransom and requests a payment before supplying a decryption key to release them.

A 2016 threat report produced by a security vendor discovered more than 430 million new unique pieces of malware in 2015 which is up 36% from the year before. Together with continued growth of existing ransomware campaigns like CryptoWall 3 and TeslaCrypt the frequency of these types of attacks virtually doubled in 2015 with millions of attacks reported.

Watch our animatic to get the facts:

How can Network Access Control (NAC) Help?

NAC aims to do exactly what the name implies—control access to a network with policies, including pre-admission endpoint security policy checks and post-admission controls over where users and devices can go on a network and what they can do.

Ransomware white paperA pragmatic and easy-to-use solution is the macmon network access control solution. macmon NAC gives you the option to clearly separate the public and non-public areas of the networks from one another.>

The first "line of defence" prevents access by unknown devices. Devices that are permitted to be part of the network must authenticate themselves using their MAC address, a "fingerprint", a valid identity (username and password, such as AD account (user or device)) or a certificate. The second "line of defence" provides protection against attacks on network components and address manipulation and thus prevents eavesdropping attacks on the data traffic or the internal resources.

SDT are experts with enterprise networks. Working with macmon, we will increase your company’s security whilst also bringing various simplifications and advantages to your network. Together we can help you to protect your business and its data from unexpected intrusions.


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