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VMware is the industry-leading virtualization software company, empowering organisations to innovate and thrive by streamlining IT operations. By virtualizing infrastructure—from the data centre to the cloud to mobile devices—VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere.

VMware is radically transforming IT with technologies that make businesses more agile, efficient and profitable. A pioneer in virtualisation and policy-driven automation, VMware simplifies IT complexity across the entire data centre.

Data Centre Virtualisation and Cloud Infrastructure

Virtualise and consolidate servers, and do the same for networking, storage and security, at your own pace. Enable provisioning in minutes and complete your private cloud with automated management.

Data Centre and Cloud Management

Manage virtualized and dynamic hybrid cloud environments with purpose-built tools. Unify, automate and simplify all facets of management for the highest performance, capacity utilization and compliance.

The most mature, proven and comprehensive platform

VMware vSphere is fifth-generation virtualization—many years ahead of any alternative. It delivers higher reliability, more advanced capabilities, and greater performance than competing solutions. VMware’s virtualisation is universally recognised.

High application availability

Purchased separately, high-availability infrastructure remains complex and expensive. But VMware integrates robust availability and fault tolerance right into the platform to protect all virtualized applications. Should a node or server ever fail, all its VMs are automatically restarted on another machine, with no downtime or data loss.

Higher reliability and performance

vSphere platform blends CPU and memory innovations with a compact, purpose-built hypervisor that eliminates the frequent patching, maintenance and I/O bottlenecks of other platforms. The net result is best-in-class reliability and consistently high performance.

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