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Citrix XenApp


Deliver applications on-demand to any user anywhere

Citrix XenApp™ is an application virtualisation solution that reduces the cost of Windows® application management by up to 50%. Compared to archaic application deployment technology, virtualising applications with Citrix XenApp enables organizations to improve application management by:

  • Centralising applications in the data center to reduce costs
  • Controlling and encrypting access to data and applications to improve security
  • Delivering applications instantly to users anywhere

Why use application virtualisation?

Citrix XenApp is the de facto standard in application virtualisation and delivers on the promise of proven application compatibility. Virtualising applications lets IT manage a single instance of each application. Applications are then delivered via application streaming directly to Windows PC’s for offline application virtualisation or run on high-powered servers in the data centre for online application virtualisation on any device or operating system. Whether online or offline application virtualisation is used, XenApp ensures that users receive a better than installed experience through Citrix HDX technology. HDX adapts virtual application delivery and access based on each user’s device, network and location to ensure the most optimal experience.

Delivering virtual applications

Application virtualisation and centralised application management enable your users to access Windows applications from any device via Citrix Receiver. Receiver gives users access to virtualised applications via direct access from their desktop or using a web browser. Receiver will deliver your applications to over 30 different operating systems including Windows and Apple PC’s, laptops and mobile devices (e.g. Windows Mobile and iPhone), Linux and UNIX workstations, legacy DOS PC’s, the latest NetBooks and any of thousands of thin-clients and smart terminals available on the market today.

Application virtualisation is scalable and secure

To enable an enterprise class infrastructure for any size business and ensure that virtual application delivery and management is secure by design, Citrix XenApp integrates the tools and infrastructure needed to help you implement a scalable solution and to control, measure and monitor performance to ensure that service level agreements and corporate security requirements are met.