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Across three brand titles, Automotive Logistics, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions and Car Design News, the team at Ultima Media need to run a tight ship in order to meet deadlines for the wide variety of print publications, online content, email newsletters and live events that it produces throughout the course of the year.

Karen Parks, Managing Director at Ultima Media explains how the organisation conducted its search for an IT support partner. “Before its inception, Ultima Media was part of a larger organisation but in 2004 a partner and I initiated a management buy-out to form the successful B2B media company we have today. It wasn’t long after we started that we realised the need to establish a partnership with a reliable and trustworthy supplier that could manage our IT requirements.”

The Solution

SDT was approached to provide IT support to Ultima Media and has now been working with the client for over 10 years. “The nature of our business means that we are nearly always on deadline for something. Our IT infrastructure is mission critical to the majority of our work and its reliability is of paramount importance,” says Karen Parks.

“The IT support service that SDT provides is designed to minimise downtime and disruption and enables our staff to work from anywhere in the world.”

SDT provides Ultima Media with a complete helpdesk service that enables staff to address and resolve any IT issues that they are facing quickly. After an incident has been logged, a ticket is raised by SDT containing the details of the problem and is circulated via email to all of its engineers. As SDT works to resolve the issue, Ultima Media is regularly updated on the status until completion.

“As soon as we engage with a client, we make it our business to gain a thorough understanding of how their organisation functions and the impact that IT has on their daily operations,” comments Andrew Wayman, Managing Director at SDT Limited.

“Regardless of the level of support that we are contracted to supply, this exercise is invaluable to the long term relationship with the client. It enables us to not only provide a more efficient help desk service but also allows us to proactively monitor the customer’s IT infrastructure to prevent many issues before they occur.”

This proactive monitoring policy typically alerts SDT to potential problems like viruses and intrusions on the network, email server problems, operating system updates or issues, low disk space, backup failures and even website availability.

In addition to help desk support and with the assistance of sister company Hosts Unlimited, SDT also provides Ultima Media with a Citrix based hosting solution. “This virtualised environment enables my team to access their desktop and important shared files from remote locations anywhere in the world. In a global business like ours this is an essential part of being able to deliver well across our activities,” continues Karen Parks.

SDT also provides a voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system that has advantages for Ultima Media’s global footprint. As well as offering per second billing to dramatically reduce call costs, VoIP can also improve productivity by combining and simplifying communications tools.

The system can be easily expanded to add new users and allows staff to make calls from the office, from home or other locations around the world and take advantage of features like voicemail and call forwarding without having to pay extra.

The Results

“When we set out to find an IT support provider, we wanted to find a small business like ours that could be reactive and where we would command the attention and focus that was needed to ensure our IT systems were operationally sound,” comments Karen Parks.

“We have been working with SDT for over 10 years now. During this time, SDT has demonstrated an in depth understanding of our business and has provided us with the solutions and support we need to get our jobs done. The helpdesk service that they provide has been enormously valuable and inspires the confidence and trust that a smaller company like ours needs."

We consider SDT to be part of our team and as such wouldn’t look to move away from their services anytime soon.

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About Ultima Media

Established in 2004, Ultima Media is the leading provider of B2B information and events to the global automotive industry.

Their specialisation is to connect original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier suppliers with the providers of the services and equipment they use, both globally and regionally.

This is done by offering readers, users, delegates, advertisers and sponsors a portfolio of magazine, web, conference and awards activities. All are built on the quality of Ultima Media’s connections and intelligence.